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Yang-Style Long Form

First part:
2)Catch Tai chi (right) catch Tai chi (left).
3)Grasp birds tail (4 movements).
4)Turn single whip.
5)Lift hands.
6)Stork spreads its wings.
7)Brush the knee pivot step (3 times).
8)Hands strum Lute.
9) Deflect downward, parry and punch.
10) AS if shutting a door.
11) Cross hands.

Second part:
1)Carry tiger back to the mountain.
2)Grasp birds tail (4 movements).
3)Turn, Stork spreads its wings.
4)Step back and repulse the monkey (3 times).
5)Flying obliquely. 6)Lift hands (2 movements).
7)Stork spreads its wings.
8)Brush Knee pivot step.
9)High pat on horse.
10)Needle at sea bottom.
11)Fan through the back.
12)Turn, deflect downward, parry and punch.
13)Grasp birds tail.
14)Turn, single whip.
15)Cloud hands.
16)Flying obliquely.
17)Kick to left, kick to right (hands crossed ).
18)Pivot body and kick with the sole.
19)Deflect down, parry and punch.
20)Grasp birds tail.
21)Turn, single whip.
22)Downward single whip (low single whip).
23)Flying obliquely (2 movements).
24)Stork spreads wings.
25)Brush the knee pivot step (3 times).
26)Deflect down, parry and punch.
27)As if shutting the door.
28)Cross hands.

Third part:
1)Carry tiger back to the mountain.
2)Grasp birds tail (4 movements).
3)Diagonal single whip.
4)Parting the wild horses mane.
5)Catch Tai chi (right/left). 6
)Grasp birds tail (4 movements).
7)Turn single whip.
8)Fair lady works at scuttle (4 directions).
9)Grasp birds tail (4 movements).
10)Turn single whip.
11)Cloud hands (2).
12)Single whip.
13)Downward single whip.
14)Golden chicken (twice).
15)Step back and repulse the monkey (twic
16)Flying obliquely.
17)Lift hands.
18)Storks spreads its wings.
19)High pat on horse.
20)Needle at sea bottom.
21) Fan through the back.
22)Turn, white snake puts out tongue.
23)Deflect downward, parry and punch.
24)Grasp birds tail (4 movements).
26)Downward single whip.
27)Seven star punch.
28)Retreat to ride tiger.
29)Strike ears with fist (embrace tiger).
30)Lotus sweeping kick.
31)Bend bow and shoot the tiger.
32)Deflect downward, parry and punch.
33)As if shutting the door.
34)Cross hands.

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