Scott Bray DOM, L.Ac

Natural, Safe & Effective
Alternative Medicine

Legacy Place Suite 109
10967 Lake Underhill Rd.
Orlando FL 32825

Tai Chi

We meet one a week for regular classes. Also every Saturday morning from 8:00am-9:30am. Fees are $60 a month.
Sifu Scott Bray DOM, L.Ac.

Sifu Scott Bray DOM, L.Ac.

“T’ai Chi is a tool through which one can be in contact with the natural laws that surround us. Slowly, one can come to understand that the human body is a receptor for the energy the heavens, earth, and environment have to offer. The channeling of this energy into self-defense and healing makes T’ai Chi the “Grand Ultimate Fist”. This is the reason why T’ai Chi and internal arts set themselves apart from others.”

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