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Ba Duan Jin

Tips for standing:

1) Stand quiet and relaxed for a few moments before starting any adjustments.
2) Now swing each leg in order to find a comfortable shoulder width stance. Weight should be equal on both legs. Keep your weight over the bubbling well point on bottom of feet.
3) To straighten your spine tilt the pelvis slightly forward, round the shoulders and keep the head erected. This should be done with no tension or force.
4) Place the tip of your tongue on your upper palate and relax the lips and the jaw.
5) Do not practice when full or very hungry.
6) Do not practice after sex or alcohol intake.
7) Do not practice if in extreme anger or sorrow.


From standing shoulder width position inhale raising both hands until they are in front of your Dan Tien
area. Then locking your fingers together rotate the palms up and keep exhaling and stretching the arms up until above the head and pushing the sky. With the last second or so of exhalation go on the ball of your feet and hold for two or three seconds. Then bring the feet down inhale and bend to the left exhaling. Then back to the center while inhaling and bend to the right while exhaling. Go back to the center inhale and bring down the arms following the same route they took up as you exhale. This is one repetition. A total of twelve should be done.

Exercise 2 – “BENDING THE BOW”

Here you assume the horse stance. Bring both hands up the center of the body as you inhale. Lowering
your stance as you exhale pull the bow. Use T’ai chi sword fingers with the hand holding the imaginary
Bow. Attention is on looking down the arrow and out into the distance. Pretend you are holding a real


From a shoulder width stance start with your hands to your side. Bring both hands up the center of your
body, palms facing up, to the level of the diaphragm. Then one palm and arm pushes down as the other
pushes up. Then reverse the arms to push again at heaven and earth.


From regular standing position turn the head to the side w/o turning the body then make
your eyes look as far back as they can. Repeat process again to the other side.
Cont. from 4

This exercise has a part two. Place your hands on top of the kidneys and repeat the process
as before.

Exercise 5 – “WAGGING THE TAIL”

Assume a horse stance and then open it up a little more. Reverse your hands and place them on your
knees. Let the weight of your upper body fall on your arms, this will create and traction on your back.
Twist your body from side to side by pointing forward with your shoulder. When doing this, look behind

Exercise 6 – “BENDING FORWARD”

From shoulder width stance push up to the sky with your palms as you inhale. Then bend from the hips and touch the tip of your toes as you exhale. Then go back to the original position as you inhale.


From a horse stance pull both fists to your waist. Your fists are relaxed. Then by squatting further punch
forward. The hand should be relaxed as you punch and clenching more as it approaches the imaginary target. At that time stare intensely towards the front. Then come back up from the stance to repeat the process on the other side.

Exercise 8 – “BOUNCING”

Go on the balls of your feet and let your body weight fall on the heels creating a wave throughout the
whole body.

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