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La Jin Stretching Bench

Self-Healing Best Gift For Yourself and Your Loved Ones


The Benefits of Lajin (Stretching)

Chinese medicine has it that ίextending the Jin (tendons) by one inch will prolong life by 10 years and where bones are in place and tendons are flexible, there will naturally be smooth Qi and blood flow Lajin has almost immediate effects of improving lower back and leg
pains, menstrual pain, frozen shoulder, lumbar disc protrusion, etc

Lajin is both diagnosis and treatment. Those with many health problems tend to suffer from severe contraction of tendons.

Doing Lajin in reclining position helps cleanse all meridians in the body. In the absence of a proper Lajin bench, chairs can be used as a temporary substitute (to do Lajin by a corner of a wall or a doorframe).

◆Standard posture of Lajin in reclining position: Lie flat on the Lajin bench (or chairs), with both arms stretched straight backward and close to the ears; the raised leg should be parallel to the pole, and the back of the knees should be stretched straight; the foot of the

raised leg should be at a 90-degree angle with the pole, and turned slightly inward; the sole of the lowered foot should be on the ground; move the legs closer together; the buttock should be pressed against the pole, with hip joints on both sides flat on the bench (or chairs). 

◆Use wrapping on the raised leg, and use sandbags on a lowered leg or both legs. Continue to stretch after painful, swelling, sore and numbing sensations are felt.

◆In the beginning, it is normal not being able to do it in the standard posture. With persistent, daily practice, by gradually extending the time and adding more weights, you can improve or self-heal many sicknesses

Doing regular Lajin on the floor or bed for 15-30min each time can help cleanse all meridians in the body, particularly the Liver, Spleen and Kidney Meridians along the inner sides of the legs, thus enhancing the functions of the corresponding organs.

★It can also make the legs slimmer

Left: Relax head, neck and shoulders at the edge of a Lajin bench, bed or a line of chairs for 3-5min each time. Regular practice helps relieve neck and shoulder stiffness and pains. Please note: Those suffering from dizziness, hypertension, heart, and brain problems are NOT advised to do it.
Right: Sleeping without a pillow on a relatively hard bed is a natural, gentle way of stretching and bone-setting!

★Squatting is a great way of stretching!

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