The roots of Acupuncture and Needles

Author: Sandy Rutherforde Needles have long been employed in traditional Western medicine to inject medication directly into the body. With Oriental medicine, a somewhat different strategy was taken, in which as opposed to adding something to the body, the body was...

Office Visit

Your Acupuncturist will explain the nature of your problem according to traditional Chinese diagnosis. At that point, a course of treatment will be selected.


The needles used are one-time use, micro-cleaned and sterilized. The insertion barely causes any pain and is well tolerated by people of all ages. Needle sensations may vary according to current body and emotional conditions.

Other Therapies

In addition to acupuncture, we offer: Electro treatment of acupuncture points – without needles Tuina – a very effective deep tissue massage Cupping Moxibustion Herbal medicine Nutritional and lifestyle counseling Therapeutic...

Insurance Coverage

Various insurance plans cover acupuncture treatment. Please call us to assist you and ask about our financing options.

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