Author: Sandy Rutherforde

Needles have long been employed in traditional Western medicine to inject medication directly into the body. With Oriental medicine, a somewhat different strategy was taken, in which as opposed to adding something to the body, the body was gently teased into being far more healthy. Consequently, acupuncture benefits the body by making it possible for it to heal itself, without having the danger of side effects that come with so many contemporary treatments.

The application is somewhat basic; the specialist applies heated needles to distinct energy centers in the body, gently piercing the skin and making use of smoke for a purifying element once they’re in position. The needles are then permitted to sit for a short period of time. The needles are then removed and prepared for the following patient.

The general concept of acupuncture is rather basic. The entire body has a normal flow of spiritual energy that, when it’s allowed to flow, enables the body to fend off many health conditions. Obstructions of this spiritual energy result in an unhealthy response that is manifested as disease and various other health conditions. Simply by making use of needles to control energy centers on the body, the person administrating the cure is in a position to open up these areas and allow the energy to resume a natural, healthy flow, healing the conditions in time.

While it may seem a bit outlandish to individuals from a Western culture, we’re finding that acupuncture benefits a variety of health conditions. Though there are actually numerous competing theories, which range from the placebo effect all the way to mind over body, there is an increasing body of work which purports that acupuncture can give good results on a significant number of health conditions which range from intestinal disorders to assisting with many diseases. Throughout correct application of the needles, a broad number of ailments may be addressed.

There are actually a number of clear advantages to this method of healing. The individual is forced to slow down, which has numerous added benefits by itself. Whenever it does give good results, it can readily save the person thousands of dollars in high priced and invasive techniques, as well as avoiding prolonged hospital visits. It can also permit a person to go about their business as normal.

However, when looking into acupuncture benefits, it is essential to understand that, as with any other strategy, it may not always work, especially when the disease is quite serious. Acupuncture is best employed as part of various lifestyle modifications involving changes in the way you look at life as well as adding exercise and making changes in your diet. It can work, however the patient needs to be prepared to embrace it fully rather than just piecemeal.

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