Dear Friends, From time to time I will be writing my thoughts on issues or situations that had helped shape the way that I do T’ai Chi. Here I will concentrate on leverage. This physical phenomenon cannot be adapted to self-defense without the help of the famous T’ai...

Tai Chi Circle Training

The silk reeling secret behind T’ai chi training. Very beneficial for Arthritis and joint problems. It is a must for those on the path of  understanding T’ai Chi to a deeper level. It involves the expression of feeling the ground through the skeleton...

Other Therapies

In addition to acupuncture, we offer: Electro treatment of acupuncture points – without needles Tuina – a very effective deep tissue massage Cupping Moxibustion Herbal medicine Nutritional and lifestyle counseling Therapeutic...

We Offer

Yang-style Long Form T’ai Chi Qi Gong T’ai Chi weapons Push Hands Martial Arts applications Sitting and Standing meditation Chin-Na Curriculum

T’ai Chi fees:

We meet twice a week for regular classes. Also every other Sunday advanced students meet for push hands study group and martial arts applications. Fees are $60 a month.

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