The Art of Chin-Na

This is the joint locking art for self defense. Chin-na can be used by everybody regardless of background or athletic ability. This rare art is the foundation of Aikido and Jujitsu. This class follows the principles and guidelines of the foremost authority in this...

We Offer

Yang-style Long Form T’ai Chi Qi Gong T’ai Chi weapons Push Hands Martial Arts applications Sitting and Standing meditation Chin-Na Curriculum

T’ai Chi fees:

We meet twice a week for regular classes. Also every other Sunday advanced students meet for push hands study group and martial arts applications. Fees are $60 a month.

-Sifu Scott Bray

“T’ai Chi is a tool through which one can be in contact with the natural laws that surround us.  Slowly, one can come to understand that the human body is a receptor for the energy the heavens, earth, and environment have to offer.  The channeling of this...

– Bill Burnette

“The learning is continual… The growth is essential. Through T’ai Chi Chuan and Sifu Scott Bray, I have learned to relax, and be better prepared to enjoy life as it expresses itself.”

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